Friday, 5 August 2011

World Breastfeeding Week Wrapup

What a hectic week! Hopping from one venue to another, organising the kids to stay with various people while I was out & about. Anna was insistant that I take one of her dolls for a feeding demonstration for "Milk & Men" at the pub. She helped me dress her and make her presentable for the evening with the texta marks on her hands & feet adding to the concept that the doll was a "second child" and that the older child had done some designs on her.

The screening of the international hit documentary "Babies" was a packed house... so much so that the Odeon 5 had to screen it simultaneously in 2 cinemas to accomodate everyone. The movie is hilarious and if you're not feeling clucky before hand... you certainly will be after!! It's also really interesting to see the different parenting styles around the world and the soundtrack complimented the images just beautifully. All the babies started their lives being breastfed but towards the end the only toddler we saw being breastfed was in Namibia. That doesn't mean to say the others weren't... perhaps it just wasn't shown and the Namibian woman's breasts were available to her babies & toddlers 24/7.

There were various displays around town... a banner across the council chambers, a book display in the library, our "Talk to Me" stand in the Orange City Centre and a display window in Myers.

There was also great coverage with numerous stories in both the local newspapers. This was just one story....

Overall the vibe was positive.

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World Breastfeeding Week 2012.... bring it on!!