Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Doula Services

What is a doula?

A doula is an experienced, non-medical childbirth specialist who provides physical, emotional and informed choice support in pregnancy, during childbirth and in the newborn period. 
She provides continuous care - building friendship & trust for the entire journey.
A doula aims to create an environment that is private, free of pressure, fear, and distractions. 
A doula does not take the place of a woman’s partner, but rather compliments and assists them in having an active role in the birth of their child, enhancing the overall birth experience. 
She comforts, inspires confidence & offers unconditional support.

What you can expect with me as your doula:

*4 x 2hr antenatal visits
This time allows us to build friendship & trust. I believe this is so important as a birthing woman needs to feel safe and secure with the people in her birthing space. We discuss what type of birth you wish for and how, as a team, we can go about facilitating this. This time can be used for anything you wish - relaxed chats, massage & meditation, mapping your pelvis and working through labour positions- it's up to you!

*Unlimited access to my personal resources including books, CD's and DVD's

*Unlimited phone/email access before & after the birth

*Support throughout the duration of labour and birth regardless of the length of labour. Many women choose to use alternatives to medical pain relief. Some of the alternatives I offer include massage, aromatherapy, homeopathy & flower essences, acupressure, rebozo, suggesting a change of position & the use of warm water in my birth pool.

*Support for siblings throughout the process

*3 x 2hr post natal visits
Support is given for establishing a strong breastfeeding relationship, sleeping/settling techniques, baby massage, bathing baby etc. Meals are supplied and light household duties can be undertaken. A birth debrief can be undertaken.

*Priority given for the use of my water birth pool (free of charge for clients)

$750.00 - Orange
$850.00*-Bathurst, Molong ,Blayney
$950.00*-Dubbo, Mudgee, Lithgow
*includes travel costs

water birth pool
$130.00 + $50 refundable deposit
birth pool + hygienic disposable liner
air & water pumps, thermometer, tap & hose connections


  1. I highly recommend Danielle's Doula services. I felt so supported and encouraged with Danielle's assistance during my recent birth. Not only is Danielle a fantastic listener but she also has a terrific knowledge base and is able to gently yet powerfully share her knowledge with other women to enable us to achieve the best birth experience that we can. I will definitely be asking Danielle to support me again at my next birth!! Thank you Danielle.

  2. I have become extremely interested in the role of the doula in antenatal care, childbirth and pre natal care and breastfeeding support.
    Would you kindly be able provide me with information regarding what qualifications and training you have undergone to become a doula?
    Keep up the fabulous work.
    Natalie 😊

  3. Hi. Could anyone give me her contact details? The email link doesn't seem to work. Thanks.