Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dubbo Pregnancy & Baby Expo

My family and I ventured up to Dubbo to attend the inaugural Dubbo Pregnancy & Baby Expo. I had a stall there promoting my doula and childbirth education services. I took along some herbs which are traditionally used during pregnancy, childbirth & in the post partum period for people to have a look & smell of.

I had the privilege of giving a workshop titled "The Power of the Pelvis" which guided women (& some partners) to create a visual image of their pelvic outlet. By having this knowledge women can find positions to adopt during labour that creates more space in the pelvis for their babes during birth.

When I talk about "creating space in the pelvis" I'm not talking about being able to drive a truck through there. It's very subtle and unless you're consciously aware of the movement of your pelvis it can be difficult to identify.

Try this exercise:

Press your thumb & forefinger together very tightly. Then try & slide your fingers across one another. Notice how they stick together and won't slide?

Now, with thumb & forefinger still pressed together,  relax those fingers and take the pressure off. Suddenly these two fingers can easily slide along one another.

This is how subtle a position change in labour can be and shows that we don't have to create a huge amount of space in order to allow a babe to slip through the pelvic outlet.

The expo had a good turnout and I spoke to lots of pregnant couples & made some great new contacts in Dubbo.

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